Embarking on a journey to study abroad regularly includes proving language proficiency through English language check scores. The Pearson Test of English (PTE) stands out as a critical assessment, assessing candidates' abilities in reading, talking, listening, and writing. In this complete guide, we delve into the problematic details of the PTE examination pattern, dropping light on its kinds, layout, and important aspects.

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Types of PTE Tests and Their Significance:

The PTE exam, broadly diagnosed by schools, governments, and businesses globally, comes in two fundamental categories: PTE Academic and UK Government Tests.

PTE Academic:

  1. Taken for study purposes and every day by way of English-speaking nations like Australia, the USA, the UK, and New Zealand.
  2. Recognized for paintings and migration visas by the Australian and New Zealand governments.

UK Government Tests:

  1. Comprises PTE Academic UKVI, PTE Home A1, PTE Home A2, and PTE Home B1.
  2. Academic UKVI is a Secure English Language Test (SELT) authorized through the United Kingdom government for work or non-degree take a look at the applications.
  3. Home A1, A2, and B1 cater to diverse visa and agreement necessities within the UK.

PTE Exam Pattern, Format, and Vital Aspects:

The uniformity of the PTE exam sample throughout countries is an indicator, ensuring a standardized evaluation. Below is an in-depth table presenting insights into the PTE exam format:

Category Information
PTE Eligibility Criteria Applicants should be aged at least 16 years.
Testing Availability Throughout the year.
Test Duration 2 hours.
Exam Format Divided into three sections: Speaking & Writing (54–67 minutes), Reading (29–30 minutes), and Listening (30–43 minutes).
Registration Formalities Online registration via the official Pearson PTE Academic website.
Test Charges ₹14,700.
Test Results & Score Scale Results are within 48 hours, and scores are sent to candidates within 5 business days. The score ranges between 10-90.

PTE Exam Structure: Section-clever Details:

Speaking and Writing:

  1. Personal Introduction: 55 seconds (25 seconds for prompt, 30 seconds to report solution).
  2. Read Aloud: 30-forty seconds to put together, studying out 60 words.
  3. Repeat Sentence: 15 seconds (three seconds for activation, 15 seconds to file answer).
  4. Describe Image: 25 seconds to study an image and prepare a reaction.
  5. Re-Tell Lecture: 90 seconds to activate, 10 seconds to prepare, and 40 seconds to answer.
  6. Answer Short Question: 20 seconds (3-9 seconds for prompt, 10 seconds to answer).
  7. Summarize Written Text: 10 minutes to answer a text spark off of three hundred phrases.
  8. Essay: 20 minutes to answer a textual content activity of two sentences.


  1. Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer: Read 300 words of textual content.
  2. Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers: Read three hundred words of text.
  3. Re-Order Paragraphs: Read 150 phrases of textual content.
  4. Reading: Fill in the Blanks: Read 80 phrases of textual content.
  5. Reading and Writing: Fill inside the Blanks: Read three hundred phrases of textual content.


  1. Summarize Spoken Text: 60-ninety seconds to maintain 50-70 phrases, 10 minutes to jot down.
  2. Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer: forty-90 seconds for set off.
  3. Fill in the Blanks: 30-60 seconds.
  4. Highlight Correct Summary: 30-90 seconds.
  5. Multiple Choice, Single Answer: 30-60 seconds.
  6. Select Missing Word: 20-70 seconds.
  7. Highlight Incorrect Words: 15-50 seconds.
  8. Write From Dictation: three seconds for listening to.

PTE Academic Exam Pattern and Format:

Duration: Approximately three hours.

Sections Assignments Time Allotted
Listening MCQs, Writing from dictation, Summarizing spoken text, Fill in the blanks, Highlighting incorrect words. 45-57 minutes
Speaking & Writing Essay writing, Reading loudly, Re-tell lectures, Introduction, Summarizing written text, Repetition of a sentence, Answering short questions. 77-93 minutes
Reading Rearrange paragraphs, Fill in the blanks, MCQs for a single answer, MCQs for multiple answers. 34-40 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

PTE Academic and UK Government Tests (Academic UKVI, Home A1, A2, and B1).

How a lot does the PTE exam value?

The test expenses are ₹14, seven hundred.

How long does it take to get PTE consequences?

PTE results are to be had within forty-eight hours, and despatched to candidates within 5 business days.

Can I send my PTE ratings to multiple universities?

Yes, you can ship your PTE examination marks to as many schools/universities as you want without any limit.

What is the validity of PTE exam ratings?

PTE examination ratings are legitimate for two years.

Can I sign in for the PTE exam online?

Yes, PTE exam registrations can be performed online through the authentic Pearson PTE Academic website.

Are there age regulations for PTE examination applicants?

Applicants must be elderly at least 16 years old.

What is the duration of the PTE exam?

The PTE examination has a length of two hours.

Can I take the PTE Academic examination for paintings or migration visas?

Yes, PTE Academic is prevalent for paintings and migration visas by way of various governments.

What are the key sections of the PTE Academic exam?

The PTE Academic examination consists of Speaking

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