Apply for USA tourist visa from India

With its varied terrains, famous landmarks, and vibrant urban centres, the United States of America emerges as an enticing haven for globetrotters worldwide. Individuals wishing to travel to the United States for leisurely exploration should get acquainted with the complexities of acquiring a US tourist visa. This comprehensive guide will coach you through the essential stages, requirements, and advice to help you obtain a US tourist visa and make your trip memorable.

About USA Tourist Visa

A USA tourist visa permits individuals to enter the country for tourism and other purposes. Individuals planning a brief trip to the US, whether for business or tourism, may need to obtain a visitor or transit visa depending on their specific purpose of travel. There are specific visa categories depending on the purpose of the visit. The following are the same:

B Visa: The B visa encompasses two subcategories: B-1 and B-2 visas. The B-1 visa is for those people who visit the United States to attend conferences, meet and involve in other business-related activities. The B-2 visa, on the other hand, is meant for tourists visiting the United States for leisure purposes, persons engaging in amateur contests or social events, or those seeking medical treatment.

C Visa: The C visa, specifically the Transit C visa, is applicable for foreign nationals travelling through the United States to reach another destination. It is meant for individuals who need to make a shortstop in the US while on their onward journey. The Transit C visa is for those who are transiting through the US while going to any other country.

D Visa: The D visa category is reserved for crew members of international airlines or crew members of sea vessels travelling to the United States. It encompasses crew members who are part of the transportation industry and are involved in the operation of aircraft or sea vessels.

K-1 Visa: If a person wishes to marry a US citizen, their partner or fiancé(e) may file for this visa on their behalf. This visa permits the recipient to travel to the US to marry their fiancé(e) within 90 days of their arrival.

Please note that the specific requirements and regulations for each visa category may vary.

US B2 Visa Details

US B2 Visa Details

The US B2 visa is an excellent option for individuals planning short-term visits to the United States. It is usually granted for a duration of six months and can, in certain cases, be issued as a multiple-entry visa valid for up to ten years. Following are the details of this visa:

  1. Non-immigrant Intent:
  2. To acquire a B2 visa, you must demonstrate to US consular officials at a US Embassy/Consulate that the aim of your travel is not to permanently immigrate to the nation.

  3. Evidence of Return:
  4. You must provide compelling reasons and supporting evidence that you have strong intentions to return to your home country after you visit the US.

  5. Visa Appointment and Biometrics:
  6. You will need to schedule a US tourist visa appointment to provide your biometrics (finger scan) and attend a visa interview at the designated US Consulate/Embassy.

  7. Exemptions for Certain Age Groups:
  8. Children below 14 years of age and adults above 80 years of age are not required to attend an interview at the Consulate/Embassy. Instead, they can submit the necessary documents at the visa application centre.

  9. Visa Renewal:
  10. If you already possess a US tourist Visa and wish to renew it, you can schedule a visa appointment at the visa application centre and submit your documents in person for the renewal process.

Requirements for USA B2 Visitor Visa

Requirements for USA B2 Visitor Visa

You will need to present particular evidence to support your application for a B2 Visitor Visa to the United States. Below mentioned are the requirements for US tourist visa:

  1. Passport:
  2. A valid passport is mandatory and it should be at least valid for a minimum of six months beyond your expected stay.

  3. Proof of Funds:
  4. You also need to show that you have sufficient funds for your travel.

  5. Purpose of Visit:
  6. You need to provide letters or documents that support the reason for your visit to the US. This could include an invitation letter from a relative or friend, documentation for medical treatment, or any other relevant supporting materials.

  7. Insurance:
  8. It is suggested to have travel insurance coverage for the duration of your stay so that you don't have to face any issues.

  9. Accommodation Details:
  10. You should provide information about where you will be staying during your visit to the US. This can include hotel reservations, a letter of invitation from a host, or any other relevant documentation.

  11. Air Tickets:
  12. It is recommended to have confirmed round-trip or onward flight tickets as evidence of your intention to return to your home country after your visit.

  13. Ties to Home Country:
  14. You need to demonstrate strong ties to your home country, which can include family, employment, property ownership, or other significant connections. This helps establish your intention to return after you visit on a US tourist Visa to the US.

  15. Financial Documents:
  16. Additional financial documents, such as tax returns, employment letters, or business ownership documents, can be provided to further support your financial stability and ties to your home country.

  17. Insurance and Supporting Documents:
  18. In addition to travel insurance, you may need to provide other supporting documents depending on the purpose of your visit. This could include medical records, treatment plans, or any other relevant documentation.

US C1 Visa

If you are travelling to a different destination but are required to make a layover in the United States, you will need a C1 visa, also known as the Transit Visa for the USA. The C1 visa grants permission for transit through the US, allowing you to enter the country and stay during your layover. However, once your planned flight or ship departs for your next destination, you must leave the US. The US government issues C1 visas specifically for immediate and continuous transit purposes. This means that if your final destination necessitates a layover in the US, you will be permitted to stop in the country but will not have any additional privileges beyond transit. It is important to note that the Transit visa is solely intended for transit and does not allow for tourism or business activities in the US.

Processing time for C1 Visa

In general, the processing time for a C1 visa is around 5 days. However, please be aware that the processing times for US visas depend on the workload of the specific US Embassy where you are applying. As the C1 visa has a shorter duration and a specific purpose, its processing time is typically faster compared to other visa categories.

Requirements for US C1 Transit Visa

To apply for a US C1 Transit Visa, you must fulfil certain requirements. The general requirements for a US C1 Transit Visa include:

  1. Completed DS-160 Application Form:
  2. You will need to complete the DS-160 application form accurately and truthfully. This form is used to collect your personal and travel information.

  3. Valid Passport:
  4. You must possess a valid passport with at least one blank page to affix the visa. The passport should have a validity that extends beyond your intended period of transit through the US.

  5. Photograph:
  6. You need to provide one recent photograph that meets the requirements specified by the US authorities. The photograph should be of high quality and meet the size and background guidelines.

  7. Visa Fee Payment Proof:
  8. You must provide evidence of having paid the required transit visa fees.

  9. Social Media Details:
  10. Some visa applications may require you to provide your social media details, including user names or handles for various social media platforms.

  11. Documentation of Entry Permission:
  12. You may be required to present documentation that you are authorised to enter your final destination country. A valid visa or any other appropriate papers might be included.

  13. Ticket or Itinerary:
  14. You should have a confirmed ticket or travel itinerary to your final destination, demonstrating your travel plans and the purpose of your transit through the US.

  15. Purpose of Visit Letter:
  16. A letter stating the purpose of your visit to your final destination may be required. This letter should explain the nature of your travel and any relevant details supporting your transit through the US.

  17. Sufficient Funds:
  18. You must provide evidence of having adequate funds to cover your expenses during your transit.

  19. Return Plans:
  20. You need to demonstrate proof of intention to return to your home country or another country after your stay in the US. This can include documents such as employment letters, property ownership, or family ties.

  21. Medical Health Insurance:
  22. Proof of having medical health insurance that covers your transit period may be required. This helps ensure that you are adequately covered in case of any medical emergencies.

Limitations of the C1 Visa

There are certain restrictions on C1 Visa. It is important to be aware of these limitations, which include:

  1. Duration of Stay:
  2. The C1 visa allows for transit purposes only, and you must not exceed the designated time allowed for your stay in the US. It is crucial to comply with the specified duration of your transit.

  3. Travel and Study Limitations:
  4. It is not permitted to travel or study on this visa as this is a transit visa.

  5. Employment Prohibition:
  6. It is not permissible to seek employment or work in the US while holding a C1 visa. Engaging in any form of employment is strictly prohibited.

  7. Visa Extension:
  8. The C1 visa cannot be extended beyond its original duration. It is essential to plan your transit accordingly and ensure that your stay falls within the permitted time frame.

  9. Status Adjustment:
  10. The C1 visa does not allow for adjustment or change of visa status within the United States. You cannot switch to a different visa category while in the US on a C1 visa.

  11. Dependents on Transit Visa:
  12. Dependents accompanying the primary visa holder with a C1 visa are limited to the transit purpose as well. They cannot travel, work, or study in the US on this visa.

US D Visa: Crew Member Visa Details

This visa is also called the Crew Member Visa and it is a non-immigrant visa. This specific visa is designed for individuals who work on commercial sea vessels or international airlines that pass through the United States. It is necessary for the smooth operation of these vessels and airlines that their crew members are permitted to transit through the U.S. and make short stops. With the D visa, crew members are allowed to enter the United States and stay for a maximum duration of 29 days. During this time, they are permitted to leave the dock or airport but must depart the country within 29 days.

Processing time of D Visa

The processing time might vary, normally ranging from 3 to 5 days, although it can take up to 2 weeks in some situations. It's crucial to follow the proper procedures and meet the requirements when applying for the D visa to ensure a smooth transit through the United States.

Requirements for U.S. D Visa (Crew Member Visa)

To obtain the D visa, certain requirements must be met. The following eligibility criteria and supporting documents are typically necessary for a successful D visa application:

  1. Completed DS-160 Application Form:
  2. You need to fill out the DS-160 application form accurately and provide all the required information.

  3. Valid Passport:
  4. You must possess a valid passport with at least one blank page for visa issuance.

  5. Photograph:
  6. One recent photograph that meets the specifications set by the U.S. authorities should be provided.

  7. Transit Visa Fee Payment Proof:
  8. You must provide evidence of having paid the required transit visa fees.

  9. Interview Confirmation Page:
  10. A copy of the interview confirmation page is required.

  11. Purpose of Trip Letter:
  12. A letter from your company or employer describing the purpose of your trip should be provided. Proof of Ties to Home Country: Documents demonstrating ties to your home country, such as family documents or job contracts should be included. This is done to show that you do not intend to stay in the USA permanently.

  13. Employer Work Records:
  14. Copies of employer work records should be provided to verify your employment history.

  15. Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC):
  16. If applicable, the CDC should be included as proof of your qualifications.

  17. Travel Authorization:
  18. A travel authorization from your company should be obtained and submitted.

  19. Certificates and Diplomas:
  20. Any certificates and diplomas that verify your qualifications should be included.

  21. Criminal Records:
  22. A criminal records check or a letter from authorities stating that you do not have prior convictions is typically required.

Tourist Visa for Travelling to the USA from India

If you have plans to explore the US's divine cuisine and much more, you can make those dreams a reality. Many Indians travel to the US for vacations or to visit their family and friends who reside there on a US Tourist Visa. A holiday in the USA is an unbeatable idea that offers unparalleled experiences. Below are some details for Indians who wish to travel on the US Tourist Visa.

Documents Required for a US Tourist Visa from India

To successfully apply for a US tourist visa from India, the following documents are typically required:

  1. Appointment Confirmation Letter:
  2. It is crucial to have a US tourist appointment confirmation letter as you will attend a visa interview in person at the consulate. This letter includes your application number, personal details, and proof of payment of the visa fee.

  3. Confirmation Page of Visa Application DS-160:
  4. Upon completing the online US visa application process, you will receive a confirmation page. Make sure to print this page and carry it with you when visiting the consulate.

  5. Current Passport:
  6. Your valid passport serves as proof of government permission to travel abroad. If your previous passport has expired, bring it along with your current passport

  7. Birth Certificate:
  8. The birth certificate confirms your age, and nationality, and provides details about your parents.

  9. Driver's Licence:
  10. Your driver's licence validates your age, and address, and features your photograph. It verifies that you are permitted to drive the specific class of vehicle you are licensed for.

  11. Police Clearance Certificate:
  12. This certificate is issued by the Crime Investigation Department or the relevant authority in the police department. It attests to your good moral character, confirming that you have never been involved in any criminal or illegal activities, nor have you been convicted or imprisoned.

  13. Medical Certificate:
  14. Obtained from an authorised Medical Center, the medical certificate certifies that you are physically and mentally fit to travel.

  15. Evidence of Travel Insurance:
  16. It is important to have travel insurance that covers injuries, accidents, and even death during your travel to the US. Choose the best travel insurance plan that offers comprehensive coverage. For children travelling with you, relevant supporting documents should be submitted, confirming their age, medical condition, and consent from parents to travel to the US, among other necessary details.

Note: If you do not have your Indian police clearance certificate ready in time, you will need to reschedule your US tourist visa appointment for a later date. In case there is an issue with your medical report, the Panel Physician will provide separate instructions.

How to Apply for a US Tourist Visa from India?

Many people have this question about how to apply for a US tourist visa from India. Well, here are some steps for the US tourist visa application process which you can follow:

Step 1: Determine Your Visa Type

You can obtain a US tourist Visa online through an e-tourist visa or apply for it via the dedicated online portal. Alternatively, you can visit our consultant office to obtain the Visa Application Form DS-160.

Step 2: Gather Your Documents

Make sure you are familiar with the paperwork requirements and that you have all of the essential documentation well in advance.

Step 3: Complete the Application Form

Then, you need to fill out the US tourist visa application form. It is critical to clarify the reason for your trip, whether it is for pleasure, business, or medical care. Additionally, confirm your plan to return to your native nation once your tour is completed.

Step 4: Pay the Visa Fee Online

The US tourist visa fee is approximately $160 (Rs. 11,300) and is subject to change. Keep a record of your account number, which you will need to present during your visa interview.

Step 5: Schedule an Appointment

The visa interview is conducted by officials at the consulate. It may take approximately two weeks to secure a US tourist visa appointment for the visa interview. You can schedule your visa interview appointment at the nearest consulate.

Step 6: Attend the Visa Interviews

During the first US tourist visa appointment at the Off-site Facilitation Center (OFC) or Visa Application Center (VAC), your biometrics and fingerprints will be taken. Ensure you bring your passport, the confirmation page of Application Form DS-160, and the page indicating your US tourist visa appointment confirmation.

For the second US tourist visa appointment, you will be interviewed by an officer at the US Embassy or Consulate. The officer may ask basic questions about your current occupation, previous visits to the US or other countries, and related matters.

Note: Allow for a gap of at least two days between your first and second US tourist visa appointments. Children aged 8 to 14 years who are travelling to the US with their parents are also required to attend interviews. If one parent is unavailable for the interview, the attending parent must carry a letter of consent confirming that both parents have no objections to the child's travel.

Processing time for US Tourist Visa

The processing time for a US Tourist Visa can vary and are approximate, subject to change. During holiday seasons or periods of high travel volume, processing times for certain consulates, such as Houston, may be at least 3 weeks.

General Processing Times:

  1. If the application is made in person, it typically takes approximately 3 to 5 working days.
  2. For Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) and US nationals requiring reference checks, as well as all non-US nationals, processing may take a minimum of 1 or 2 weeks.
  3. When applying by mail, such as through courier or post, it is necessary to consider the transit and mailing time both ways.

Each immigrant visa case is unique, making it challenging to estimate exact processing times for individual cases. Generally, three factors influence the required processing times:

  1. The time needed to process the application.
  2. The processing time through the Consulate and National Visa Center.
  3. The time is taken for the case to become current.

It is important to stay informed and refer to official sources for the most up-to-date and accurate information on processing times for US Tourist Visas.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

If you possess a valid B-2 visa, you can still use it even if your passport has expired. It is advised not to remove the visa from your expired passport. When you plan to visit the United States, you can present the visa in your expired passport along with your new passport.

What is the validity period of a US Tourist Visa?

The US Tourist Visa, also known as B-1/B-2 visa comes with a validity period ranging from 1 month to 10 years. The visa allows for single, double, or multiple entries into the US.

Can I work on a tourist visa in the USA?

No, you are not allowed to work or engage in any business activities on a US Tourist Visa. It is strictly for tourism, leisure, or visiting purposes.

What is the DS-160 form, and how do I complete it?

The DS-160 form is the online application form required for a US tourist visa. It collects personal and travel information.

Is an interview mandatory for a tourist visa?

Yes, an interview is generally required for a US tourist visa. The purpose of the interview is for the consular officer to assess your eligibility and intentions for visiting the United States. However, certain applicants, such as children under the age of 14 or individuals over 79, may be exempt from the interview requirement.

How much is the visa application fee?

The visa application fee for a US tourist visa varies and is subject to change.

Can I apply for a tourist visa if I have previously been denied?

Yes, you can reapply for a tourist visa. However, it is important to address the reasons for the previous denial and provide additional supporting documentation or evidence to strengthen your case.

What is the Processing Time of a B2 Visa?

Typically, the B2 visa application is processed within 2-3 days.

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