British Columbia Occupation in-demand List 2024

High Demand Occupation in Management Usually requiring a Combination of Education and Work Experience

NOC Code Occupation Name
60020 Retail and wholesale trade managers
60030 Restaurant and foodservice managers
00012 Senior managers  financial, communications, and other business services
70012 Facility operation and maintenance managers
20012 Computer and information systems managers
10010 Financial managers
60010 Corporate Sales managers
10021 Banking, credit, and other investment managers
00015 Senior managers  construction, transportation, production, and utilities
10022 Advertising, marketing, and public relations manager
00014 Senior manager  trade, broadcasting, and other services
10020 Insurance, real estate, and financial brokerage managers
60020 Retail and wholesale trade managers
80020 Managers in Agriculture
70020 Managers in transportation
70011 Homebuilding and renovation managers
60031 Accommodation service managers
10019 Other administrative services managers
40030 Managers in social, community, and correctional services
10011 Human resources managers
00013 Senior managers  health, education, social and community services, and membership organizations
10029 Other business services manager
60040 Managers in customer and personal services
40021 School principals and administrators of elementary and secondary education
10012 Purchasing managers
40020 Administrators  post-secondary education and vocational training
20010 Engineering managers
00011 Senior government managers and officials
50012 Recreation, sports, and fitness program and service directors
50011 Managers  publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting, and performing arts
90011 Utility managers
20011 Architecture and science managers
40011 Government managers  economic analysis, policy development, and program administration
40019 Other managers in public administration


High Demanding Job typically calling for a first professional, graduate, or bachelor's degree

NOC Code Occupation Name
11100 Financial auditors and accountants
41221 Elementary school and kindergarten teachers
21211 Data scientists
21230 Computer systems developers and programmers
11100 Financial auditors and accountants
41101 Lawyers and Quebec notaries
11201 Professional occupation in business management consulting
21231 Software engineers and designers
10022 Advertising, marketing and public relations managers
41210 College and other vocational instructors
21300 Civil engineers
41200 University professors and lecturers
11202 Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations
11200 Human resources professionals
51120 Producers, directors, choreographers, and related occupations
41300 Social workers
41301 Therapists in counselling and related specialized therapies
21233 Web designers
51111 Authors and writers (except technical)
21110 Biologists and related scientists
21200 Architects
11101 Financial and investment analysts
41400 Natural and applied science policy researchers, consultants, and program officers
11103 Securities agents, investment dealers, and broker
21311 Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)
31200 Psychologists


A diploma, certificate, or apprenticeship program is typically required for high-demand occupations.

NOC Code Occupation Name
13100 Administrative Officers
42201 Social and community service workers
12200 Accounting technicians and bookkeepers
13110 Administrative assistants
42202 Early Childhood educators and assistants
63101 Real estate agents and salespersons
72410 Automotive service technicians, truck and bus mechanics, and mechanical repairers
52120 Graphic designers and illustrators
63210 Hairstylists and barbers
54100 Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport, and fitness
62100 Technical sales specialists  wholesale trade
13101 Property administrators
42100 Police officers (except commissioned)
63100 Insurance agents and brokers
63102 Financial sales representative
22220 Computer network and web technicians
22311 Electronic service technicians (household and business equipment)
62010 Retail sales supervisors
12013 Supervisors, supply chain, tracking, and scheduling co-ordination occupations
13111 Legal administrative assistants
12100 Executive assistants
22221 User support technicians
13112 Medical administrative assistants
72600 Airline pilots, flight engineers, and flying instructors
42200 Paralegal and related occupations
12201 Insurance adjusters and claims examiners
42101 Firefighters
72404 Aircraft mechanics and aircraft inspectors
12101 Human resources and recruitment officers
12011 Supervisors, finance and insurance office workers
53110 Photographers
42100 Police officers (except commissioned)
13200 Customs, ship, and other brokers

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