Planning a trip to America for business or amusement purposes calls for cautious consideration of the visa software manner and essential documentation. Understanding the necessities and gathering precise files are crucial steps in obtaining a USA Tourist visa from India. In this manual, we can explore the documents required for a US tourist visa, visa types, utility strategies, costs, and validity.

Why Apply for a US Tourist Visa?

  1. Explore 50 National Parks, including Yellowstone National Park
  2. Visit museums, cultural centers, and iconic landmarks
  3. Experience various cuisines, inclusive of Italian-American and Mexican-American eating places
  4. Enjoy amusement destinations like Disneyland, Hollywood, and Las Vegas
  5. A Perfect holiday vacation spot for amusement and activity

US Visa Types

Visa Type Purpose
B-1 Business meetings, conferences, consulting
B-2 Tourism, vacation, medical treatment, social events
Transit C A short stopover in the US while traveling to another destination
H-1B and Dependents Work visa for specialized skills
L1 and Dependents Intra-company transfers
J1 and Dependents Work-and-study-based exchange programs

Requirements for a US Tourist Visa

The documentation required for a B2 visa includes:

  1. Passport
  2. Proof of budget
  3. Letters supporting the purpose of going to
  4. Insurance coverage
  5. Details of lodging
  6. Air tickets
  7. Evidence of motive to return to the domestic USA
  8. Financial documents

Benefits of a US Visit Visa

  1. Stay for up to six months
  2. Free tour during the USA
  3. Ability to bring kids and dependents

US Visa Cost for Indian

Visa Type Cost (USD) Cost (INR)
Non-immigrant visas $185 15,335
Petition-based visas $205 16,993

Validity of Different Types of US Visas for Indians

Visa Type Validity
Multiple Entry Tourist Visa 10 years
Multiple Entry Business Visa 10 years
Airport Transit Visa 29 days

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