How much money do I need to show for a spouse visa in Canada?

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How to show proof of funds for Canada spouse visa? (2024 Guide)

Dreaming of residing with your partner in Canada? If you're a citizen of Canada or permanent resident sponsoring your spouse's visa, understanding the proof of funds requirements is crucial. This guide helps you with everything you need to know about showing the required funding for a Canadian spouse visa application in 2024.

How Much Money Do I Need to Sponsor a Spouse's Visa in Canada?

There's no single set amount of money required for a spouse visa. Instead, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) focuses on the sponsor's financial ability to support their spouse. This ensures the sponsored person won't rely on social assistance programs.

The key factor is your minimum income threshold, which depends on your family size (including yourself, your spouse, and any dependents). Here's a table outlining the latest Low-Income Cut-Off (LICO) requirements as of January 2024:

Size of Family Unit Minimum Necessary Income (CAD) Minimum Necessary Income (INR) (assuming 1 CAD = 60 INR)
1 person (sponsor) $27,514 ₹16,50,840
2 persons $34,254 ₹20,55,240
3 persons $42,110 ₹25,26,600
4 persons $51,128 ₹30,67,680
5 persons $57,988 ₹34,79,280
6 persons $65,400 ₹39,24,000
7 persons $72,814 ₹43,68,840

Remember: These are minimums. A higher income strengthens your application.

What Documents Prove Financial Ability for a Spouse Visa?

Financial proof demonstrates your capacity to support your spouse. Here are the key elements IRCC looks for:

1. Income Requirements:
  1. Recent Tax Returns:
  2. Provide your most recent tax returns (usually the last three years) to showcase your income.

  3. Notice of Assessment (NOA):
  4. If you file taxes in Canada, include your NOA from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

  5. Pay Stubs:
  6. Submit recent pay stubs covering at least the past three months to verify your current employment and income level.

2. Undertaking:

Be prepared to sign a legal document called an undertaking. This commits you to financially supporting your spouse for a specified period (usually 3-10 years).

3. Assets and Net Worth (Optional):

While not mandatory, including evidence of assets and net worth can strengthen your application. This could include:

  1. Documentation of property ownership
  2. Investment account statements
  3. Bank account statements

Additional Tips for Strengthening Your Application
  1. Meet or exceed the minimum income requirements.
  2. The higher your income, the stronger your application.

  3. Be employed with a stable income source.
  4. A steady job demonstrates your ability to consistently provide financial support.

  5. Explain any significant income fluctuations.
  6. If your income has fluctuated recently, provide a clear explanation in your application.

  7. Include a well-written letter of explanation.
  8. Briefly explain your financial situation, how you plan to support your spouse, and any additional sources of income you might have.

What Happens if My Proof of Funds Isn't Sufficient?

If IRCC deems your initial proof of funds insufficient, they may request additional documentation or ask for a co-signer who meets the minimum income requirements.

Getting Help with Spouse Visa Proof of Funds

The spouse visa application process can be complex. Visa Solutions 4u can guide you through every step, including gathering and presenting proof of funds. Our experienced immigration consultants can:

  1. Assess your financial situation and determine the necessary documents.
  2. Help you understand minimum income requirements and how to meet them.
  3. Advise on strengthening your application with additional financial proof.
  4. Ensure your application package is complete and meets IRCC's requirements.

Contact Visa Solutions 4u today and take the first step towards reuniting with your spouse in Canada!

Remember, with careful planning, proper documentation, and expert guidance, you can increase your chances of a successful spouse visa application.


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