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Proof of Funds for Canada Express Entry

Are you planning to immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry program? If so, showing proof of sufficient funds is an important step in your application process. This requirement is necessary to show that you have the financial resources to support yourself and your family after your arrival in Canada.

This guide will explain everything you need to know about proof of funds for Canada Express Entry including:

  1. What it is? And why it's required?
  2. How much money you need?
  3. What are the Acceptable forms of proof?
  4. Tips for strengthening your application

What is Proof of Funds and Why is it Required?

Proof of funds is a document or set of documents that show that you have enough money to cover your living expenses after immigration to Canada. The Canadian government wishes to reduce the percentage of newcomers facing financial difficulties and make sure a smooth integration into Canada.

By providing proof of funds, you show that you can support yourself and your family without the help of the government of Canada. This helps the immigration authorities assess your ability to establish yourself financially in Canada.

How Much Money Do You Need?

The amount of money you need for proof of funds depends on the number of people accompanying you to Canada. Here's a table outlining the minimum requirements (updated May 4, 2024):

Number of Family Members Funds Required in CAD Funds Required in INR (assuming 1 CAD = 60 INR)
1 $14,690 ₹8,81,400
2 $18,288 ₹10,97,280
3 $22,483 ₹13,48,980
4 $27,297 ₹16,37,820
5 $30,690 ₹18,41,400
6 $34,917 ₹20,95,020
7 $38,875 ₹23,32,500
More than 7 Add $3,958 for each additional member Add ₹2,37,480 for each additional member

Important Note: While meeting the minimum is necessary, having more than the minimum amount can significantly enhance your application's success.

What are Acceptable Forms of Proof of Funds?

The Canadian immigration authorities accept various documents as proof of funds. Here are the most common ones:

  1. Bank Statements:
  2. Official documents from your bank showing your account balance, account holder's name, and recent transactions. You may need to provide multiple statements to demonstrate financial stability.

  3. Fixed Deposits (FDs):
  4. Documentation confirming fixed deposits with a recognized financial institution. These deposits should be readily accessible and not subject to withdrawal restrictions during your initial stay in Canada.

  5. Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs):
  6. A certificate issued by a Canadian financial institution confirming your investment of a specific amount. GICs are a popular option for international students as proof of funds.

  7. Proof of Income:
  8. For employed individuals, recent pay stubs, employment letters, or tax documents can demonstrate your regular income.

  9. Sponsorship Undertaking:
  10. If you have a sponsor in Canada, they can provide a letter outlining their financial commitment to support you, along with proof of their financial resources.

Tips for Strengthening Your Application with Proof of Funds

While meeting the minimum requirements is essential, here are some tips to strengthen your application with proof of funds:

  1. Show More Than the Minimum:
  2. As mentioned earlier, demonstrating more funds than required can significantly improve your chances of approval. It showcases financial stability and preparedness for unforeseen circumstances.

  3. Explain the Source of Funds:
  4. If your funds come from large deposits or investments, be prepared to explain their origin. This strengthens your application's credibility.

  5. Include All Family Members:
  6. Ensure your proof of funds covers all family members accompanying you to Canada.

  7. Maintain Consistent Balances:
  8. Try to maintain consistent balances in your accounts leading up to your application submission.

Common Proof of Funds Mistakes to Avoid (and How to Do It Right)

Providing proof of funds is a seemingly straightforward step, but there are some common mistakes applicants make. Let's explore these and how to avoid them:

  1. Not Having Enough Funds:
  2. This is the most crucial mistake. Ensure you meet the minimum requirements based on your family size. Remember, more is often better!

  3. Unreliable Sources of Funds:
  4. Funds borrowed from friends, family, or lines of credit are generally not accepted. Show proof of funds you have readily available.

  5. Inaccurate or Incomplete Documents:
  6. Ensure your bank statements and other documents are official, error-free, and clearly show your name, account details, and balances.

  7. Inaccessible Funds:
  8. Fixed deposits with strict withdrawal limitations may raise red flags. Show funds you can easily access upon arrival in Canada.

  9. Mixing Currencies:
  10. If your funds are not in Canadian dollars, include proof of conversion to CAD to demonstrate their value.

  11. Insufficient Transaction History:
  12. Bank statements with minimal or irregular transactions might raise questions. If possible, showcase consistent account activity.

  13. Joint Accounts:
  14. If using a joint account, ensure a letter from the other account holder confirms your permission to access the funds.

Additional Tips for a Strong Proof of Funds Submission

  1. Consider Future Needs:
  2. The required amount is a minimum. Factor in additional costs like settling in expenses to showcase your ability to manage financially.

  3. Include All Assets:
  4. In addition to bank accounts, consider including GICs, stocks, bonds, or other investments that demonstrate your overall financial standing.

  5. Update Your Documents:
  6. Ensure your bank statements and other documents are recent, ideally within the last three months, to reflect your current financial situation.

  7. Organize Your Documents:
  8. Clearly label and organize all your proof of funds documents for easy review by immigration authorities.


By understanding the proof of funds requirements, acceptable forms of documentation, and avoiding common mistakes, you can ensure this part of your Express Entry application is well-presented and strengthens your chances of success.

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