British Columbia has conducted a new Skills Immigration draw under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP).

The previous draw was conducted on June 4, 2024. The latest BC PNP draw took place on June 11, 2024. A total of 66 candidates with work experience in in-demand occupations in BC were invited. Invited candidates required a minimum score of 93 to be eligible for an invitation.

BC PNP Latest Draw - Results

Stream- Skilled Worker 

  1. Minimum Score Required: 131
  2. Number of Invitations Issued: 39 (General draw)

Stream: Skilled Worker - EEBC Option

  1. Minimum Score Required: 131

Stream: International Graduate

  1. Minimum Score Required: 131

Stream: International Graduate - EEBC Option

  1. Minimum Score Required: 131

Stream: Entry Level and Semi-Skilled

  1. Minimum Score Required: 110

Skilled Worker, International Graduate (Includes EEBC Option)

  1. Minimum Score Required: 93
  2. Number of Invitations Issued: 6 (Childcare)
  3. Number of Invitations Issued: 9 (Construction)
  4. Number of Invitations Issued: 12 (Healthcare)

If You Have Been Invited

If you have been invited to this BC PNP draw, you will now have 30 days to submit a complete application for permanent residence (PR) to the British Columbia PNP.

What to Do if You Were Not Invited

If you did not get invited, your profile will remain active in the pool of candidates. You can expect to receive an invitation to the next BC PNP draw. The province conducts 4-5 invitation rounds every month. The next BC PNP draw is expected to be conducted on June 18, 2024.

Want to Immigrate to Canada? Check your eligibility in the Canada PR Points Calculator.

BC PNP Skills Immigration Draws

Managed under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP), Skills Immigration attracts skilled workers from around the world to live and work in British Columbia, Canada. The program aims to meet the province's labor market needs by selecting candidates with the skills and experience required by local employers.

How BC PNP Skills Immigration Draws Work

The Skills Immigration draws operate on a points-based system. Potential immigrants first register and create an online profile. They are then scored based on various factors such as work experience, education, language proficiency, and employment in British Columbia. Those with the highest scores in the BC PNP points calculator are invited to apply for provincial nomination through regular draws.

Categories under the Skills Immigration Stream

  1. Skilled Worker:
  2. For individuals with a job offer in a skilled occupation.

  3. Healthcare Professional:
  4. For doctors, nurses, and other health professionals.

  5. International Graduate:
  6. For graduates of Canadian post-secondary institutions with a job offer in BC.

  7. International Post-Graduate:
  8. For graduates with master's or doctoral degrees in certain fields from BC institutions, who do not need a job offer.

  9. Entry Level and Semi-Skilled:
  10. For workers in certain entry-level or semi-skilled positions in tourism, hospitality, food processing, or long-haul trucking.

Benefits of BC PNP Skills Immigration

  1. Steady Stream of Qualified Workers:
  2. This helps ensure that BC's economy has access to a steady stream of qualified workers to fill key positions in various industries.

  3. Targeted Draws:
  4. Specific occupations are targeted to meet the labor market needs, such as in-demand occupations in BC.

  5. Efficient Process:
  6. The process is streamlined, making it easier for skilled workers to migrate to British Columbia.

How Visa Solutions 4u Can Help

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  1. Profile Assessment:
  2. We evaluate your profile to ensure you meet the criteria for the BC PNP and other immigration programs.

  3. Application Assistance:
  4. We help you prepare and submit your application, ensuring all documents are in order and deadlines are met.

  5. Post-landing Services:
  6. We offer support services once you arrive in Canada, helping you settle in smoothly.

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The latest BC PNP draw highlights British Columbia's commitment to addressing labor market needs by targeting specific in-demand occupations. With the help of Visa Solutions 4u, you can navigate the immigration process smoothly and increase your chances of success. Stay informed about future draws and take proactive steps to secure your place in British Columbia's thriving economy.