Planning a trip to New Zealand? If you need a visitor visa, there's an important update you need to know about your supporting documents. Effective June 17, 2024, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) now requires all supporting documents submitted with your visitor visa application to be in English or accompanied by a certified English translation.

This change aims to streamline the visa application process, ensuring faster processing times for everyone. Previously, applications with documents in foreign languages without translations could experience delays. By providing everything in English, you can help INZ assess your application more efficiently.

What Documents Need Translation?

Any document submitted that is not originally in English will require a certified English translation. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Proof of funds:
  2. Bank statements, payslips, and any documentation demonstrating your financial ability to support yourself during your stay in New Zealand.

  3. Flight itinerary:
  4. This should include your confirmed flight bookings with return tickets, showcasing your travel plans.

  5. Employment proof:
  6. Documents verifying your employment status in your home country, such as a letter from your employer.

  7. Leave of absence documentation:
  8. If you're employed, provide documentation confirming your leave of absence for the duration of your visit to New Zealand.

  9. Identity documents (besides your passport):
  10. For instance, a Chinese national might need a certified translation of their Hukou household registration document.

Important Note: English translations have always been mandatory for medical and police certificates in foreign languages as part of a visitor visa application.

Who Can Provide Certified Translations?

There are several options for obtaining certified translations of your documents:

  1. Reputable translation businesses:
  2. Look for private translation companies or official translation services with a proven track record.

  3. Community translators:
  4. You can utilize the services of respected community members known for their accurate translations. This excludes yourself, your family members, and your immigration advisor.

  5. Licensed Immigration Advisors (LIAs):
  6. An LIA can provide translations if they meet the following criteria:

    1. Recognized as a trustworthy person within the community.
    2. Known for providing accurate document translations.
    3. Not involved in advising on your specific visa application.

Incomplete Applications and the Importance of Translations

Applications with missing translations for required documents are more likely to be declined by INZ. Avoid delays and ensure a smooth application process by providing all documentation in English or with certified English translations.

Additional Tips for a Successful Visitor Visa Application

  1. Gather all required documents well in advance.
  2. Don't wait until the last minute to start collecting and translating documents.

  3. Double-check for accuracy.
  4. Ensure the translations are accurate and reflect the original documents faithfully.

  5. Meet all eligibility criteria.
  6. Research visitor visa requirements thoroughly to ensure you meet all the necessary criteria for a successful application.

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